About us

About us

Albania Travel & Voyage is an incoming tour operator and invites you to be part of a unique experience, discovering an unknown but fascinating country. Albania has much to offer: a sunny Mediterranean climate, delicious food, kind and welcoming people, a laid back attitude, a rich history, an old culture, unique traditions, beautiful landscapes with mountains, rivers and a magnificent coastline. Visitors to the country describe Albanians as warm and inquisitive, happy to see foreigners.

Albania Travel & Voyage can assist you to discover the country in the most authentic way by offering tailor made solutions for groups & FIT-s, with a focus on the local elements: history, culture, traditions and way of life. We provide professional arrangements for:

  • Trekking and Hiking Tours in North Albania
  • Tour for leisure time and summer holidays in west-south coast of Albania
  • Culturie Trip around Albania
  • Balkan tour along Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece
  • Group and indiviudal package

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